A Day in the Life of a Sonographer

 Using sound to see is what a sonographer does every day, and actually, sonography generally just means using sound to see.
 Depending on a Sonographer's shift, the day begins with putting on the necessary medical clothing and getting ready to handle patients. The job really involves handling the sonograph equipment and directing the high frequency sound waves to whatever part of the body that is to be focused on. A sonographer is trained to listen to or focus only on certain sounds, and record them as is required by the several physicians or professionals that need this information. These medical specialists include but are not limited to: cardiologists, obstetricians, gynecologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists and many others.

 Over the course of the shift, there is constant communication going on between medical professionals and patients as well as critical diagnostic records are being passed from one hand to another without any unnecessary delay. Great communication skills as well as writing skills and attention to detail is constantly exhibited here for success in the job as well as for future promotions. In as much as this being a highly technical profession, there are always times in between where sonographers get to take a break from the machines to socialize and unwind with one another before the shift is over. Being focused on meeting deadlines, hitting targets and accomplishing tasks in time is critical for success here, and usually be the time one is ready for the profession, they will have already horned these skills.