And My Journey Begins

I’m just talking about some of my future education endeavors. I’ve had a really, sort of like, shaky path as far as education goes. Like, I mean I have a good education but it’s just been kind of like scattered. I attended private school from 4th grade till 10th grade and then I moved to England. But I moved at an age where… where kids are in their last year of school and, basically, graduating and I kind of moved in the middle of that year. I moved when I was 15 going on 16. Over there they graduate High School at 16. So I was kind of stuck in a position where I had to wait to go to school the next year and then I had to kind of try to catch up but I wasn’t in High School I was in College. It was really, just kind of like, all over the place. Because I left High School here in 10th grade, I had to fly back here after my graduation day, which would have been… May 2007 and take my GED and my SATs which I got, like, really high scores and over that stuff. So, while I was over there I was in “College” which isn’t like College here. It’s kind of like in between High School and University. It’s completely different! Their school system is different and I decided that I wanted to come back here for University, which is what we call College.