Before School Starts

I started applying to schools and all that stuff. I got into each school that I applied to, so I was really happy about that, you know. I couldn’t really apply to any schools too expensive because I wasn’t eligible for that many scholarships. Especially like academic scholarships, being that I didn’t graduate from my High School. I already know I would have got some excellent scholarships if I did but, you know, circumstances happened in a way that I couldn’t stay here, I had to move abroad with my mom. So yeah, I got into the schools and I really wanted to go to Howard but there was a little mix up with my acceptance letter and… I ended up choosing another school because I hadn’t heard anything from them. It was a school in New Jersey and… a public school in New Jersey but because I was out of State, you know, student I had to pay a lot more. And… the price of school kind of started to take over and I wasn’t able really to concentrate on my academics because I knew that… I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for next semester, all of these different things. You know. My parents aren’t in a situation where they can just take out and there are a lot of loans for me. And I wasn’t in a situation where I was getting approved for some of the loans that I needed. So it was, you know, a hard decision. But I had to leave that school.