Program Credits

The program at Clarion offers the medical imaging bachelor’s program for students and professionals who have completed a two-year either of sonography, X-ray, they have a bunch of different things, radiology. If you’ve completed a professional or trade school program, you can apply and you can gain your Bachelor’s. They award up to 60 credits, I guess if you do a two-year program they award you 60 credits and maybe little less if you do a less lengthy program. And you can transfer up to 90 credits into the school. So for me, you know, I have a few other credits, so I’ll be able to transfer those in, which is exiting. A couple less classes to take. Perfect! And that’ll all be towards my 120 credit Bachelor’s degree which I can earn online. I mean, it’s perfect. I plan on taking, you know, a couple of classes here and there once I finish at Sanford Brown and I start working, I’ll probably leave the classes and everything to when my tuition assistance or reimbursement kicks in at my… at whichever employer I choose to work for, once I graduate Sanford Brown. Yeah! So, that’s my plan. I’m extremely excited and it all starts on September 20th when I start with the first program and it’s going to be a whirlwind, it’s going to be really interesting but I’m really excited.