Sonography Program

It just seemed like a lot of the bad critiques and reviews that this school got was due to a lot of people, I guess, feeling that they were misled. As I said, not every program at each school is accredited, by the same body. It would be nice if they were, I guess it would be a lot clearer but… I don’t know… it’s just not like that for whatever reason. I also noticed that a lot of the reviews were from, you know, at least like five, six years back… so I guess they’ve either clarified more to prospective students or because or more programs and more institutes have become accredited. I made sure that I did a lot of research, was very thorough with… asked a million and one questions when I went to… to meet with the administrative, I mean, to meet with admissions… counselor or representative, I should say, and he clarified everything. Everything that I was wondering about, everything that would have made me either choose or not choose to go to that school, I made sure I made sure I asked. Now, Sanford Brown as a 48 credit requirement in order for students to join the diagnostic medical sonography program. So, you know? Clearly, with me being in and out of school for the past however many years… I didn’t have 48 credits. I’m kind of, you know pretty close, but not quite there. I would have probably had to do another full year at Community College… or potentially a little more, I’m not 100% sure. So, you know, I went there even knowing that, even still… I still went there just to go speak to the representative and, kind of like, have a plan even if it wasn’t something that I could put into action right now.

So, I went there, spoke to this amazing admissions representative, Carlos and he kind of advised me that, you know, even though I don’t have that 48 credits I can still join their school, do either the medical assistant or medical billing and coding program and earn credits towards… earn credits towards the sonographer program. I chose the medical billing and coding. I felt that it was little… it was much more feasible for me. Something that I could use anytime in the future and it’s something that. Even if it’s on the side you can always do billing and coding from home. It’s not something were you have to sit in an office within a hospital or clinic or anything like that, in order to do... You can do it from home. So I’m like: You know what? Why not? Because if I ever want to make some extra money, I can just do that. Yeah! So, that course will give me enough credits to do… actually no, I would still have to take two other classes, which I’ve already found a school… which I’ve taken one class online with, Clarion University. So I can do those two classes that I need, which would be physics and math, online. And I would probably do them in January as I would graduate from this program in June. So I would do it during the Spring semester just due to additional courses, in addition to what I am doing at Sanford Brown.