Go to in Community College

I moved back to New York and enrolled in Community College which I didn’t mind doing but at that time I was kind of up in the ear about what I wanted to study. And I think that kind of played a role in the fact that I didn’t really take… It’s not that I didn’t take it seriously, look. I did well in the classes but, like, I never really have the urge to be there. So, I did well in the classes that I was really interested like marketing and sales, like, stuff like that. Business stuff I find interesting. Unfortunately, there were certain things that I really couldn’t really care less about. I understand the whole like general education requirements and, kind of seeking the Government or, or Society in general wanting, you know, students to receive a well-rounded education. But to me it just feels like a ploy to, kind a like, keep you in College for a little longer, get a little bit more money out of you and… I don’t know! I never really been into the idea of a traditional school. I can’t say that I supported any other idea, I just disagreed with so many things that happen I traditional school and so many things that we were forced to study that I knew I would never, ever need any time in my future. And I was always the one, like, challenging teachers, especially in High School, that was me. I didn’t really do it to be obnoxious but I’d… I mean, I was genuinely confused as to why we had to learn certain things. Especially, like, in Math and, like, History, like, there were certain things that I just didn’t see the point in us learning. Like, how is this going to help me in the future? How is this going to help me secure a job over another candidate?