What Degree Should I Get?

For me, I don’t know why, but just traditional school just never been something that I liked and I don’t know why. I love doing well in things that I’m interested in, but I don’t like being forced to learn things that I don’t want to learn, and things that I don’t think that I can really apply and utilize towards my future. Like, if my future was being national champion at Jeopardy, yeas. Traditional school all the way, because I would learn everything that I need to learn for trivia, but for a sonography career it just didn’t feel like something that I needed and it wasn’t something that I wanted. I left with the intention of going back, though. Definitely, always had that intention. Went to go work and I’ve always worked in retail, you know, from my first job. So, I got hired by a luxury retail company and I was selling really high end clothes. I loved it! For the first… close to a year. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! I would go home every day talking about my job and what a great day I had. Even if it was stressful we still managed to make it fun, until one day. There was a change of management. We got a new manager and an assistant manager, not at the same time, the manager came first. And he completely depreciated everyone’s positions. Like, none of us felt like we were appreciated in the work place. We were doing the same amount of work, we were doing the same hours, we had the same responsibilities, which was basically running that store. We used to do floor moves, everything.

 But we just felt a lot less appreciated and the new manager had no problem making it very clear that he didn’t appreciate us and that he’d like… Oh! You know, whatever. Anyone could do this job. It kind of shook me up. Especially from going from a job that I really loved and I felt like I was making a difference to, all of the sudden, it just changing overnight, because one person got fired and another got hired. And it made me realize that that could be the rest of my life if I didn’t make a decision to go back to school, get my credentials in something that I know I could actually make a difference in. And have that piece of paper, whether it would be a certificate, a diploma, a bachelor’s, whatever. Have that to say… and to know that I’m always qualified for that job. If you don’t appreciate me here, I can always go elsewhere, type of thing. Fashion was always my first love, so that was kind of hard for me like realizing that… because I was like… I’m going to have to go back to traditional school, and it sucked because I really didn’t want to do that. One day I had a chat with my dad and then I had a chat with my best friend’s mom and then my mom and my grandmother, and they all kind of, you know, subtlety hinted that they would really love it if I would at least consider going into the medical field.