Bachelor of Science in Medical Sonography

My part of my all striving for a Bachelor is that would I be the only grandchild out of? There’s like literally… my grandmother has a lot of grandchildren. There’s a lot of us and I’m not the oldest. Like, maybe within the top, like, six. As far as, like, age goes, I’m like six down from the oldest, or something. But I would be the first to earn my Bachelor’s. And I really want to do it. She, you know? She’s always supported me, my mom really want’s me to do it. Like, my parents don’t have a Bachelor’s either. It’s like: You know what? I want to graduate college. I just want to do it. And, going into this field doesn’t mean that I… I mean, as I said it’s not necessary in order to be successful in the field but it’s something that I want and it’s something that I can definitely earn, so I’m going to do it. So, anyway, I started researching schools, accredited schools in New York. That was really important, I had to, like, look into accreditation and everything like that, and certification and all that type of stuff to really understand which school… which school would be the best for me. I found a website that had all of the certified… No! all the accredited schools for the accrediting body that allows you to take your certification exam as soon has you graduate from a program, from one of those programs. So I found that website, I found the whole list of schools in New York. Might have mentioned that, you know, certain schools you… you would need an associate, you needed 60 credits, certain schools you needed a bachelor’s, certain schools you needed, like, 48 credits and this and that.