Problems at School

There was one program that did allow you to start with little to no credits and they, kind of like, offered prerequisites as part of the course which I was like: Uh! This is amazing! I still get it done in 2 years, there’s no reason for me not to do it. So I applied to the school, I got accepted, I enrolled and then I quit my job – I was happy about that – quit my job and I was like: Yeah! This is it for me. I’m going. I’m going. When, the first semester, and that school in particular was an experience. It’s probably not, it’s definitely not a well-known school. It’s not the school that most people probably think of when I say I’m going for diagnostic medical sonography. But I chose it because I thought that it would give me the best opportunities as far as like internships or externships as they call it, once I got to that stage. But the school it.. I didn’t… We didn’t… I didn’t do well. I mean I did well as far as grades wise but the environment, it didn’t… it didn’t feel good. I can always go into, you know, bad mouthing the school but I’m not going to do that. It just wasn’t a fit for me, so I left. And, I had another school that I was considering but… for more than one reason I decided, I chose the school that I ended up attending for that semester over the other school.