Leaving School

 Once leaving that school I was kind of like back to square one. And I was like: Ok! Well, this was the other school on my list I’m going to actually find out more, do my research and, you know, and see what the school was about, just to see if I could still, if I could go there and get my… get my… credentials. The school was Sanford Brown. Never in a million years thought I would be attending Sanford Brown. Not… Nothing against anyone who goes there, or nothing like that, but I just heard do many bad things about the school and… that it kind of like… I was like: No! You Know? Sanford Brown, I wouldn’t go there. You know? Upon doing more research though, I realized that a lot of the bad critiques that the school gets is related to the fact that not every… not every institution Sanford Brown, like, throughout the U.S. is accredited and not each program. If the school itself is accredited not each program is accredited by the certification bodies that allow you to either take exams to become certified or they don’t allow you to do it as soon as you graduate that program. And that’s… I guess, a lot of people didn’t do that research, they didn’t put in that time or they didn’t realize that they needed to. I realized it because I did had attended another school and I had really researched it, that’s one thing I do. Like, I’m really thorough when it comes to stuff like that. So I knew what to look for and I knew what the program had to offer me in order for me to be able to get where I wanted to be.